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 Elephant Mock ChaseKyathdevaraya Gudi or K Gudi located at the Biligiri Rangna Hills (B R Hills) is a beautiful hill range where the Western Ghats meets the Eastern Ghats. Situated at an altitude of 1800 ft. to 6000 ft., the sanctuary benefits from a pleasant climate across the year. It gets its name from the temple that stands tall on a high precipice. This place is interspersed with valley, stream and breathtaking scenic beauty. The Biligiri Rangana Temple (BRT) wildlife sanctuary, is a heaven for a variety of wild animals and birds, making it a ‘must-see’ for those who love the pristine beauty of wilderness.

I have been here on December 2013 to explore the nature. I was fascinated by this place, clean and non polluted air and birds chirping all day long. I must say that this one of my favorite places and must visit for all nature lovers.


Wildlife sighting at the sanctuary is consistent all year round. The deciduous, evergreen and grassland vegetation here offers refuge to a variety of wildlife, Commonly sighted animals are gaur, spotted deer, wild boar, barking deer and elephants. It is the ideal habitat to spot leopards and sloth bears. There is also a chance of spotting the majestic tiger. The sanctuary is a home to more than 270 species of birds, including the scarlet minivet, velvet-fronted nuthatch, gold- fronted chloropsis, lorikeet, Malabar parakeet, heart-spotted woodpecker and Malabar whistling thrush, making it a bird watcher’s paradise.

Safaris in open-top jeep into the Biligiri Rangana Temple wildlife sanctuary- accompanied by well-trained naturalist- are the best way to view wildlife here. The naturalist will interpret the sight and sounds of the forest to the guests. We were lucky to have our naturalist Mr. Narayan G S. He was our safari driver as well as naturalist, he could spot birds from far places and some of them were perfectly camouflaged.


I stayed in Jungle lodges and resorts, which is famous for safari and customer friendly staff. I stayed here for 2 days and did not want to come back from this place :D. On the second day other than my family nobody was there in the entire resort. So, the staff asked our preference for food. Food was sumptuous and homely. We were worried about the food for my 1 and half year daughter, but the main cook Mr.Ashok made sure that our daughter gets homely food without much spice or masala. Accommodation was well maintained and clean. Electricity is not available throughout the day and night, it is available for 45 min before the morning safari, 2-3 hours during evening from 06:30 PM to 10:15 PM only. But, we did not miss anything without the electricity. Lot of natural light in and around the cottages and no need of a fan because of the pleasant weather. Since we visited in the winter season, the weather was at 12 degree Celsius. One could spot many variety of birds in the resort property and there will be surprise visitors like wild boar and spotted deer’s. There were many herds of wild boar and deer next to our cottage. They are harmless and may be they are used to roam around in this property.

List of Birds I have spotted in the resort and in the safari’s are Blue Beard Bee Eater, Velvet fronted Nut hatch, Babblers, Jungle Babblers, White Bellied Drongo, Serpent Eagle, Black Hooded Oriole, Minivets, racket Tailed Drongo, Black Drongo, Rock Thrush, Jungle Fowl, Black Eagle etc. Blue Beard Bee Eater and Velvet Fronted Nuthatch were special for me. In the Safari, I was lucky to spot a Sloth Bear. Elephants and Barking Deer were very common in this place. Other than that we could spot, Sambar Deer and Spotted Deer, wild boar. Second day safari was bit disappointing because of the rain. It was an unexpected rain during the month of December. Nevertheless I enjoy every bit and pieces of any wildlife safari.

This place is around 2 hours drive from Mysore. Mysore–> Chamarajnagar–> K Gudi

Hope to visit this place once again and take some more photos!

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