Encounter with Wild Elephants

Elephant Herd

It was a herd of 4 female elephants, there were 2 baby elephants, looks like the mamma elephant was possessed after looking at our safari jeep. In the meantime, our jeep has stopped and it was not starting, because of the crank sound, one of the elephants got angry and started to chase our jeep. It was not even 3ft away from me, “thank god” jeep started at the right time and we had a hope and smile 😀

This was the first encounter I had with any of the wild animals and this is one of my unforgettable moments.

Glimpses of the chase through this video:

Interesting part of this encounter was the patting on the back to the elephant which chased us by the other member of the group. This shows even wild animals has emotions and respect to each others.

Few tips which I got from some of the wildlife conservation experts after watching this videos:
* Such mock charges are known with elephants when there are baby elephants in the herd
* If you are on a safari jeep or in any vehicles, never get down and run. Running is more dangerous.

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